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Headfirst Icons
Headfirst Icons
Brody Dalle/The Joker/Robert Smith 
17th-Aug-2008 07:16 pm
As always, all can be used as bases, and feel free to distribute as long as you don't direct link or claim to have made them yourself.

Brody Dalle - 2008 - Icons

I tried a different way of colouring with the last two. Normally I bring out the pinks, but this time I used yellow. You like? Some are quite dark, I had my laptop screen at a funny angle and didn't realise it was effecting the contrast until the last minute X_X

The Joker - 2008 - 10 Icons

Robert Smith - 2008 - 2 Icons

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17th-Aug-2008 06:55 pm (UTC)

i snagged almost all of the joker and brody ones.

i like the darkness. i like it very much.
and the changes to the light was very good. ^_^

fabulous as always.
will totally credit too. ^_^
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