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Headfirst Icons
Header Walkthrough 
29th-Aug-2008 08:58 pm
I've tried to post this 4 different times, it's getting on my tits now. I hope it works this time.

How to make this:

1) First, chose the images you're going to be using and arrange them the way you want. Use a brush and layer masks to erase part of you images. I chose a big grungey brush (From Misprinted Type) because I originally wanted the header to be to be dirty looking. It doesn't have to be neat, so don't worry if you suck at blending like me :)

2) Add a large black rectangle where you want your text to go and set it to hard light, or whatever looks good with the images you're using. Add your text over it. Seeing as you haven't used any textures yet and don't know what colour the text will end up, I'd use white, and then change it later on. Double click on your text in the layers window so that the layers style window opens. Add an outer glow. The exact settings will differ depending on your images.

3) Make a radical gradient that goes from very light green to a not so light green and set it to normal, 50% opacity.

4) Only one of the textures are used next is important for the final out come, and it's this one that I got from here. I did a lot of editing to get it exactly how I wanted it, so your outcome won't be the same as mine. I arranged the light stripe over the boys walking and set it to overlay at 70% opacity. I also duplicated it, resized it and set it to soft light 100%.

I don't know who made the last texture, so won't be posting it here, but it's not important to the final outcome. If you want more or less the same effect full a layer with #fde6b2 and set to screen, 10%.

5) Chose more images that go with your theme and cut them out using layer masks and the circle Elliptical Marquee Tool. If you hold down shift whilst using it you'll get a perfect circle. I arranged my images to the left, to balance the text on the right. Three is always a good number when it comes to circles, I find.

6) New layer, flood full with #9b525a and set to Pin Light, 50% Opacity. This will make the white tones purple, and look rather crap at the moment.

7) New layer, flood full with #2b2b40 and set to Exclusion, 50% Opacity.

8) Go to Layers -> New Adjustment Layers -> Curves. Make sure it's set to channel RGB. Click a point anywhere. Then type in output 160, and input 105.

This is a walkthrough for the images I was using. Modify it to suit you images. Any of the above images may be used in your own graphics, no credit required. I apologize if this doesn't make sense, I have proof read but am very tired.

I was going to post a tutorial for this snagable header, but it's way too simple. Scratch texture, basic selective colouring, a red blob set to lighten and you're done. I uploaded all the stages though, which can be found here if anyone's interested. The quality's bad because of how I saved them, but I'll re-save them and upload again if needed.
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