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Headfirst Icons
Headfirst Icons
I've had no internet connection for the past few weeks, so I had plenty of time to do nothing. So I give you 9 Emilie Autumn bases and my first ever tutorial! I'd like to wrtie more tutorials in the future, so if you could give me any tips that would be lovely.

Emilie Autumn - 2008 - 9 IconsCollapse )

How to go from this

to this:

Colouring Tutorial 01Collapse )
Gerard Way in the good 'ol days
14th-Jun-2008 12:18 pm - In A Rush
I'm in a real rush right now so don't have the time to do this properly. Here's some icons. Feel free to use as bases and enjoy.

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8th-Apr-2008 02:38 pm - Morning Starshine
Firstly, i'm moving all the icons to a different sever, so if some dont work just check back in an hour or so.

Wow, I haven't updated in yonks. Heres some new My Chemical Romance and Emilie Autumn icons.

Just so you know these icons have also been posted on Skin Off Our Bones at some point or another.
My Chemical Romance Icons - 2008 - 12 IconsCollapse )

Emilie Autumn - 2008 - 14 IconsCollapse )
10th-Mar-2008 06:38 pm - Old Icons Post #6 - Music
I'm posting all my old, unorganised icons in large bulk posts until I make new ones and start doing this 'icon journal' thing for real. Below are icons that I made over 2 years. If you could comment if taking that would be awesome :)

Shit ones are at bottom.

Misc Bands - 2006-2007 - 43 iconsCollapse )

The Dresden Dolls - 2007 - 19 iconsCollapse )

Leathermouth - 2007 - 11 iconsCollapse )
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